Tournament idea

Tournament idea

Dear Friends,

Diabetes is a demanding disease both for diabetic patients and their families.

Diabetes however should not stand on the way to sport dreams of children and young people.

All around the world there are so many wonderful examples of world class diabetic athletes who have achieved some of the highest sporting awards available on the planet, some of them even winning Olympic gold medals.

The main goal of this Junior Football Sweet Cup is to show a RED CARD to diabetes and send it back to spectator stands!

Fair play football competition based on positive emotions of young football players will be the mission statement of this Junior Football Sweet Cup.

Not the score but joy, happiness and a SMILE on children’s faces is what matters the most for us and is our ultimate priority.


Piotr Fichna MD, PhD
Professor of pediatric endocrinology & diabetes
Head, Department of Pediatric Diabetes & Obesity
Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznań/Poland

Mikołaj Illukowicz
Tournament Manager

Tournament idea

Tournament idea

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